Friday, April 23, 2010

Holla at me feat. Tyga - Chris Brown

The music video for "Holla At Me" by Tyga and Chris Brown, off the 'Fan of a Fan' mixtape.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fox Tails

The Latest Uni-Sexual accessory in fashion. The ones shown above are those sold by 'Chubby Boob'. They are worn by Soulja Boy Tell Em, Indigo Vanity and many more. Click Here To Order

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Rangers Called My Name In A Video!

They Answer MY QUESTION at 1:30 but Julian can't pronounce my last name, lol!

The Best Jerks In Jamaica : The XD Jerks

One of the most popular 'XD Jerks' videos and my personal favourite

HeartBeats By Lady Gaga

Heartbeats come with multiple sizes and shapes of eartips to ensure the perfect fit and seal. You get max comfort and reduced outside noise.

Plush Travel Case
Keep you heartbeats safe and sound. The way these babies look, you’re going to want to keep them looking new.

Exclusive Monster Cable
Wired with Monster Cable, so you get the most accurate signal

Flat Cables by Monster: No Tangles
Thanks to Monster’s exclusive flat cable design, they’re tangle-resistant. Plus the look integrates seamlessly into the carefully crafted style of Heartbeats.

Designed by Lady Gaga
The incredibly unique style of Heartbeats came straight from Lady Gaga herself

I LOVE Yeezies