Monday, July 26, 2010



The image displayed above, though it looks simple, is a symbol which represents something that is sought after by over 60% of the twitter population. It is the highly coveted, exclusive and elusive 'twitter verified badge'. The verified badge is given to twitter users who are prone to impersonation on twitter, more often than not, celebrities. It is placed at the top of the right sidebar on the twitter profile (as shown below)

Because of my involvement in The XD Jerks and The Internationally Acclaimed Glenmuir High School Choir, I have several impersonators on twitter. This was made known to me by one of my fans who did a 'twitter search' for Demarc Ramanand. I have applied twice for verification HERE and it has eluded my grasp both times. I even went as far as to write to twitter offering them an ultimatum of either deleting my 'impersonators' or giving me a verified badge ( they have not yet replied and it does not seem as if they will, lol ). I would really love to be verified, not just because the badge looks cool, but because a verified twitter profile is very prestigious in the digital world and users with verified badges tend to be 'tweeted' with more respect than those without. In closing, I will say, "If you know the secret to getting verified on twitter, please tell me!".
(my real profile is at the top of that page)

Sunday, July 04, 2010

New Phone :D

I recently got the Blackberry Bold 2 (9700). I've only had it for a short time and already, I feel like a Blackberry Addict :/ lol. But anyways, this phone, is the best phone I've ever had and in my opinion, the SECOND best phone out right now. (The iPhone 4 is the best :P ). But yeah, this phone has all I could want in a phone. I get to tweet as much as I want (although I barely have the time these days) and I get to keep up with the World Cup, regardless of the fact that my favourite team was knocked out in the quarter finals by 'The Netherlands' but "Don't worry Brazil! We'll get 'em in 2014." Some of the specs and feautures include :