Monday, May 31, 2010

My Thoughts....

ATTENTION ALL BLOG READERS!! First and foremost, The XD Jerks (The Best Jerkin Crew In Jamaica) will be dropping new video soon!! But for now, you can check out some of our previous videos. Secondly, I apologize for being M.I.A from my blog and from twitter for the past few days. I've been preoccupied with exams but DON'T WORRY! I only have one exam left which leaves me with more time to blog =) Stay tuned for updates!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Fan of a Fan (Mixtape) Presented by Dj ill Will and Dj Rockstar - Tyga and Chris Brown

Tyga and Chris Brown really went in on this one!!!!!! If u haven't heard it yet, 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Started The Trending Topic '#How Would You Feel'

I was using this Trending Topic early one morning. Later that day, One of twitters most well-known 'Trending Topic Starters", The Killer Truth asked his followers for suggestions on a new Trending Topic AKA TT. I then recommended it to him, and since I was the first person who had used that 'Hashtag', I was deemed as the person who started it =]

Advice From One Of My Role Models

After letting 'Soulja Boy AKA Dre' know that he was one of my role models, he retweeted my tweet. Then, I started to get several 'mentions' on twitter from his 'haters' and his fans (mostly his haters). I then expressed my amazement at the amount of 'haters' that he had (via tweet) and he then responded with the above. Click HERE to view the actual tweet!

Twitter Profile Designs

I will RE-DO this post everytime I re-design my twitter profile so KEEP CHECKING IN!!
P.S I used a program to alter the 'Followers' and 'Listed' sections in the screenshot.
Click the 'Read More' button to see older ones.

My 'Classic Introduction'

My Name is Demarc Ramanand. Living Life...... That's what I've been doing for 16 years now. But I'm ready to do something bigger. I'm ready to make my mark in this world through my many talents. Most of my blog posts so far have had little or nothing to do with me personally, so that's why I'm doing this post. If you read my TWITTER Bio, You'll know some of my talents but I'm also a singer and I hope to release a Mixtape this summer! But i'll need your help to promote it! Also, keep up with me on FACEBOOK and TWITTER

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Demarc (@DemoXD) and Phillip (@Flip_XD)

Me (Green) and the bro Phillip (Teal) at the Glenmuir High School Barbeque 2010. He's a member of The XD Jerks and one of my best bros.
The Official music video for 'Find Your Love' produced by Kanye West. The music video, directed by Anthony Mandler, features Drake, Mavado (Reggae-dancehall artiste) and Maliah Michel (model).

Sunday, May 02, 2010

A jerkin video by the 'XD Jerks' jerkin crew in Jamaica. The video features songs by the upcoming artiste, Melbourne Douglas, more popularly known as 'dBOURNES' (prounounced 'dee-burns'). It also features a snippet of Vybz Kartel's hit single, Clarks featuring Gaza Slim and Popcaan. The main dancers in this video are Demarc and Temar. Hakeem is also featured in the early part of the video.