Friday, January 07, 2011

The Nintendo 3DS (Coming this March)

Nintendo's plans are finally coming to fruition! The Nintendo 3DS is set to release in March and will be initially available in Red, Blue and Black! The nintendo 3DS has all the standard features of the DS but as you can see from the image above, Nintendo has made a few changes. The upper screen is just 3.5 inches but its 3D capabilities make up for it's small size. The 3D screen does not require 3D glasses, however, the 3-D effect is only
experienced when one focuses carefully on the screen while staying reasonably still. Do not feel discouraged! It's still a compelling 3D effect! Just stay reasonably still and look straight at the screen.
There is a slider on the side that lets you adjust the depth of the 3-D effect or turn it off entirely. Quite differently from the DSi and the DS Lite, the 3DS has what looks like an analog stick, however, Nintendo is referring to it as a 'Slide Pad'. The 'Home', 'Start' and 'Select' buttons are embedded in the screen panel. The 3DS also has a motion sensor making it compatible with DSi games. Also, if you were wondering why it has 2 cameras, it can take 3-D PHOTOS! The 3DS promises to have the largest launch of all the DS consoles thus far, and will have the most supporters. Nintendo also promises a plethora of exciting new releases for the Nintendo 3DS and they have also announced that 3-D movies can be viewed on it! All the news circulating about the 3DS sounds fairly good EXCEPT for a rumor about it having shorter battery life than the DSi. Though I'm unsure of how true this rumor is, I assume that it would depend on how much the 3-D effect is utilized! Therefore, if you get it and your baterry is low, adjust the '3-D effect slider' to a lower setting!

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